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With a background in both branding and communication, I had the great pleasure to acquire multiple expertise and be involved in numerous projects. That way, I developed skills in both the conceptual phases of a visual or a communication idea, as well as in making sure things work. Present ideas, find the right talents to make it happen, or do the design myself, set goals, set a timing, manage the project, and take care of the visual or conceptual output.


I look forward to diving into projects together. Starting from defining the strategic insights, all the way to translating it into a strong visual and communicative concept.

In my spare time, I love discovering the hidden gems scattered around the city, drinking cappuccino, and kickboxing. I look forward to kicking some ass, inspire clients, and develop new projects. Let's meet up for a coffee!


Branding: strategic design​ and content creation / Advertising: conceptual creation

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demuynckelise@outlook.com  / +31 6 124 04 102

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